Our School

Welcome to our School

Westcliffe Composite School is part of the Sun West School Division and is found in Marengo, Saskatchewan, which is close to the Alberta border.  Our school has grades K-12. Our principal’s name is Mrs. Jeffries.  Westcliffe School has approximately 114 students. We have an S.C.C., S.L.C., and S.S.C. There are 9 teachers, 3 educational assistants, 2 caretakers, 2 secretaries/librarians and 1 counsellor. Most kids ride the bus, but if they live in Marengo they walk.  Westcliffe has many activities like track and field, play day, boys/girls night out and the winter carnival. Westcliffe has a football team (Spartans) and a volley ball team (Warriors). Every year we have fundraisers such as Tele-Miracle, Free the Children, Jump Rope for Heart, the Terry Fox Run, and the magazine drive. Don’t forget our end of the year Plenty Baseball Tournament with our grade 4 and 5 teams. We also have a movie night every few weeks.  At Westcliffe School we have good teachers. They let us do really fun things. All of the students are really good friends. We do lots of fun activities together.  Our classrooms are great and we have a great big gym. We love Westcliffe, it’s the best school ever!  

(Written by: Grade 4 ELA Class (Chelsey, Tyra, Josh, Parker, Colton, Beau, Kade, Wade, Keron and Connor)